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Your Innovative Browser Has Landed on Android

Vivaldi Browser has been making a mark for desktop and macOS users with its highly customizable feature. Since its release, it has billed itself as a browser that can cater to users who would like to configure their web browsers to their heart's content. With that, the app has managed to get a foothold in the desktop market. However, unlike other popular browsers, Vivaldi does not have a mobile presence. That’s changing with the recent launching of Vivaldi for Android. This mobile browser retains the look, feel, and speed of its desktop counterpart without getting bogged down in its attempt to bring all its features to your phone.

From Desktop to Android

As mentioned, the Vivaldi browser for Android took all the features you love on the desktop version and put it in the mobile one, including its straightforward UI. Upon launching, you can expect to see the standard UI features, including the backward, forward, tab switcher, and URL/search bar at the bottom of the browser. There is still the address bar at the top of the screen, as well as the menu option, but having the other options at the bottom makes it easier for you to work around the browser, especially if you’re only using one hand and you have a giant screen.

As for its features, Vivaldi Browser has also covered all the bases. You can still see the speed dials and the bookmarks as soon as you open the app. Like the Opera browser, this function lets you have instant access to all the websites you often visit. You can even create folders to categorize these websites for an organized look. But what makes this feature even more amazing, is that you can sync all your speed dials between all devices where you’ve got Vivaldi installed.

In addition to the speed dial, Vivaldi Browser also comes with some advanced tab management features that you don’t see in the desktop version and even in the popular mobile browsers, such as Firefox and Chrome, for that matter. These features include the ability to clone tabs and a screenshot feature that allows you to capture the entire full page or just the visible area. Pretty cool, right? With this, you don’t need to rely on your phone’s screen capture capability when you want to get a photo of the website you’re visiting.

Furthermore, compared to other mobile browsers, Vivaldi also makes it easier to switch between tabs. Instead of tapping on to various options, you only need to swipe left or right for you to toggle among your open tabs, private tabs, synced tabs, and even recently closed tabs.

But what users, especially to those who need to do extensive research, would love about the app is that it comes with a built-in note-taking tool that lets you jot down ideas and reminders without jumping to a separate app and interrupting your browsing. With this, you can create notes as you browse and sync them securely between all your devices.

Needs More Protection

As with other similar apps, Vivaldi Browser also offers a way for users to browse privately using a Private tab. With this, the websites you visit, the cookies, and the temporary files are not stored on your device when you browse. Moreover, the app offers end-to-end encrypted sync of your passwords, bookmarks, open tabs, and notes, so you are protected even when you access all your browser files from various devices.

However, if there is one area that Vivaldi needs to work on more in general, it is the tracking protection. Other browsers, such as Firefox and Edge, come with the ability to block trackers by default. Vivaldi Browser, on the other hand, does not yet provide any tracking protection. It is not much of an issue when you’re using the desktop version since you can add an extension, but on mobile, the developers need to do a bit more.

A Worthwhile Contender

Overall, Vivaldi Browser is a worthwhile app to try when you are looking for a mobile browser alternative. It is fast and easy to use, offering advanced tab management features to make your browsing more convenient. And while some areas need more improvement, the app has got some major points that make it worth checking out.


  • Customizable browser
  • Advanced tab management features
  • Comes with built-in notes tool
  • End-to-end encrypted sync of passwords, tabs, bookmarks, and notes


  • Does not provide tracking protection by default
  • Some desktop features are not included in the mobile version
  • No option to hide the speed dial icon
  • Some bug issues

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